These days working on…

•June 24, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Haven’t posted much these days as doing more bug fixing at work then development.

Working on downgrading Alpine’s Android Navigation app from API 17 to API 10 to run on the Jacinto 5 board. Not very interesting. Lots of OpenGL issues and that’s where the focus is on now.

Also looking into CakePHP. Volunteered to work on our internal device tracking page that built on the CakePHP framework. I’m finding this more interesting learning about the framework but little time to work on it.



MLB All Star 5K

•July 12, 2010 • Leave a Comment
Finish: 25:21 Pace: 8:10

Pretty exceptional time consider I had < 2hrs of intermittent sleep and drove up from SD around 4:30am to get to the Big A at 6. + Super crowded in the beginning, first mile was ~9+ min, 2nd mile was at 1630. Plus slowed down quite a bit running through park.  It really helped running with Mike setting the pace. Still had good energy at the end even with a sprint.